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The national pro bono pi insurance scheme register of approved pro bono projects can be viewed here collaborating law firms the centre is willing to consider applications for coverage from law firms collaborating on a pro bono project.

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1 national pro bono professional indemnity insurance scheme guidelines for considering a proposed pro bono project by inhouse counsel providing free legal advice andor representation.

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Claims arising from pro bono activities are very rare and most states do not require an attorney to have liability insurance in order to practice law however insurance coverage can give you peace of mind knowing there is a safety net should a mistake be made or a claim asserted against you regardless of whether it has merit additionally employers may be more comfortable with having themselves and.

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Pro bono policy bsp appreciates its duty to serve the community we believe that each attorney has a responsibility to provide legal services to those who have difficulty accessing the judicial system.

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Many pro bono providers provide training and support to their pro bono solicitors and with your legal training you are already more of an expert than your clients are likely to be you can make a real difference in peoples lives 9 can i get any recognition or credit for doing pro bono work yes.

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You must complete an application form prior to engaging in the pro bono professional services not associated with pro bono ontario the lawpro policy will not provide coverage if a claim arises relating to your pro bono professional services you will be responsible for all defense and indemnity costs associated with the claim.

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Lawyers often provide legal advice and services for free the professional liability insurance policy part a provides the following coverage for these services.

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Will my professional liability policy cover pro bono work whether or not professional services are provided for a fee or on a complimentary basis the professional.

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Pro bono work is at the heart of the legal profession and is an integral part of the working lives of many solicitors this legal advice or representation provided free of charge by legal professionals represents an exceptionally important contribution to society as it helps many vulnerable people charities and communities both in the uk and abroad whose legal needs would otherwise be left unmet.

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